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Quayola Work from Sculpture Factory. “Sculpture Factory, the work by Quayola […] extends the reach of these new spaces onto the factory floor. The artist displays the construction of one of his unfinished sculptures as a performative sculpture in itself. For eight weeks, a robotic milling machine chips away at blocks of material, producing a […]

Maiko Gubler

Maiko Gubler Work from her Still Life With Marble. “‘Still Life with Marble’ investigates matter and materiality by juxtaposing digitally sculpted imagery. The series explores current image-making techniques versus traditional crafting methods, questions photo-‘realism’ and the value of physical objects.” – Maiko Gubler

Ben Schumacher

Ben Schumacher Works from his oeuvre. “” – Ben Schumacher

Nathan Hess

Nathan Hess Work from Craft is Caring “During my childhood, knot tying was almost an object of folklore. I grew up in an industrious and old-fashioned town of 800. Despite the setting, knot tying as a craft unto itself was already a relic of previous generations. While it was required knowledge for my Grandfather, it […]

Ralf Baecker

Ralf Baecker Work from Nowhere. Be sure to check out the video on his website. “Nowhere is a three-dimensional milling machine that carves a landscape relief on a 70x70x10cm large block of hard foam. The machine receives a stream of live search requests from the german search engines metager and metager2 ( via the internet. […]