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Elspeth Diederix

Elspeth Diederix Work from her oeuvre. “…Diederix is playful and inventive in her visualisation of images but strict and almost mathematical in constructing her compositions. Even though her photographs may give the impression that they are brought about by chance, they are in fact staged to an extreme degree. A plastic bag may become a […]

Charlott Markus

Charlott Markus Work from Pygmalion. “Charlott Markus constructs still life arrangements that manifest as site-specificinstallations or photography. Her work explores an intermediate stage, they are betweenfamiliar and unfamiliar. Thus she uses leaving spaces and materials are affected and have no further function. In precise composition given objects and places with a history of their role in a new reality. Markus’ sense of the picturesque, the tactile and sculpturalimages in her compositions gives a poetic and timeless power.” – ACF translated by google.

Qiu Yang

Qiu Yang Work from his oeuvre. While not indicative of all of the images here (really just the bottom one), the statement below gives you a peek into Yang’s process.  “This work is a visual study of the iconographic value of certain objects and items, which would repeatedly appear in Playboy centerfolds between the years […]