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Pierre Schwerzmann

Pierre Schwerzmann Work from “Two” at Skopia, Geneva. “At first glance, then, the eye is attracted by the vibrations of the light well at the centre of the painting. The immediate effect of these vibrations is to prevent the gaze from settling and to incite the body itself to start moving in order to adjust. […]

Isabelle Cornaro

Isabelle Cornaro Work from her exhibition at Kunsthalle Bern. “Six questions to Isabelle Cornaro on the occasion of her exhibition Fabrice Stroun: At Kunsthalle Bern, you will exhibit two sets of cast works, one horizontal the other vertical, which are collectively titled Homonymes. Most of the objects you are using to make these casts seem to […]

Boris Meister

Boris Meister work from Above the Cloud “Created by Boris Meister at ECAL, Above the Cloud is an atlas about social networks archeology, death and digital marks left in distress on the internet. Boris attempts to present the complex subject and, above all, explain it by creating an object – book, both in its structure, images and layout. Over […]