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Céline Clanet

Céline Clanet Work from Un mince vernis de réalité [A thin layer of reality]. “In this work, I do not picture anything that comes within the event, the extraordinary, or even the anecdotal. Few subjects are filling these images : things or people, most of them are isolated, lost in a moment of silence. These […]

Xavier Damon

Xavier Damon Work from his oeuvre. “think back to the instant after you close your eyelids against the bright summer sun, or a moment when you catch yourself dreaming with your eyes open … our body relaxes and seems to suspend its routine activities.this is the moment when – quite unexpectedly – a subtler light shapes […]

Virginia Otth

Virginia Otth Work from Petites Définitions. Otth’s work addresses the technical aspects of photography in the digital age. After visiting her site I wished that I spoke French, or at least the Google Translate was a little more perfect. Either way, you must go to look at her work. Her work ranges from a scientific […]