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Taryn Simon

Taryn Simon Work from Contraband. “Passengers, airliners, workers, baggage, cargo, taxis and trains flow ceaselessly through Kennedy International Airport. Taryn Simon recorded another ceaseless flow — one the public rarely sees: contraband detained and seized from international flights. Ms. Simon, 35, a Guggenheim fellow who lives in New York, spent five days and nights at […]

Yao Lu

Yao Lu Work from New Landscapes. “Rarely exhibited in the West, Chinese artist Yao Lu (b. 1967) documents his changing country in atmospheric works that look to the future through the lens of the past. In his first show in the U.S., Yao presented 16 photographs, most circular or rounded windowlike compositions floating on a […]

Jaap Scheeren

Jaap Scheeren Work from his oeuvre. I also recommend the process-related work fake flowers in full colour. “well.. nijmegen raised, after breda and rotterdam, now amsterdam based. I don’t know but people always have a certain idea about me when they see me live. Especially in my youth they told me I looked lazy and […]