Jaap Scheeren

Jaap Scheeren

Work from his oeuvre.

I also recommend the process-related work fake flowers in full colour.

“well.. nijmegen raised, after breda and rotterdam, now amsterdam based. I don’t know but people always have a certain idea about me when they see me live.

Especially in my youth they told me I looked lazy and assumed I was.

I think it is in people nature to judge on appearance. I think I also do it.

I like to disable the prejudice although it foremost exists in my own head right now.

But this might be the reason I show a lot of work on my website.

…I like to be who I feel I am..but I can not act in a different way….people learn everyday..about themselves and others

that’s why sometimes my work looks like there is no unity… but I feel like I am the main connection and I also change my mind

like everybody else does. How can I make this work work?

This could be the reason of why I am taking pictures and the way I make them.

The way I am is very basic. I solve things by thinking them out. My weakness is also my strong point.

I am in control of myself at most points in my life and this comes forward in the way I work.

I always work on several things at the same time. Never keep my mind and eyes fixed though I am focused and manage to work

on long term project as well. About my work I’ll let someone else do the writing which was feeded by my words, Raphaelle Stopin:

“They could be labelled “Seen on TV!” or “Heard on the Radio!”… These images are a Reader’s Digest of our world, inspired by

television reports, urban vision, internet. He reads: “Americans buy miles of adhesive tape for protection against potential

chemical warfare and seal their windows.” He goes to buy adhesive tape and seals… his door. Or plays “black hole” with his friends,

as he awaits the hypothetical Day of the Apocalypse . For an evening, and after consuming every substance at hand, the

designated victim falls into the hole, unconscious for several hours, to awaken covered in marker colours, in a room donned in

expressionistic hues. Future or past, the world according to Jaap Scheeren is the scene of cataclysms”” – Jaap Scheeren

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