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Émile Claus

Émile Claus Work from his oeuvre. “At the time of his debut, Emile Claus enjoyed fame chiefly as a portrait painter. The Antwerp and Brussels bourgeoisie almost immediately recognised in him the hand of a master, able to capture reality in charming, romantic-realistic showpieces, genre scenes and official portraits. He mastered the landscape well only […]

Michael Krebber

Michael Krebber Work from his oeuvre. “‘Real art has the capacity to make us nervous’, writes Susan Sontag in her essay ‘Against Interpretation’ (1966), and this is exactly what one can expect when encountering Michael Krebber’s work. In his exhibition ‘London Condom’ at Maureen Paley 21 canvases of equal size depict extracts from Krebber’s recent […]

Laturbo Avedon

    Laturbo Avedon Work from Sunset at Mt. Gox “Laturbo Avedon is an artist, but not a real person. On Avedon’s Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud and Tumblr pages, pieces of an identity can be gleaned of an ostensibly female character: Selfies of a glamorous blonde taken in different virtual environments; pitch-shifted remixes of pop songs by Kylie Minogue and Justin Timberlake; a first Tweet asking “A/S/L?” Laturbo […]

Lorne Blythe

Lorne Blythe Work from his oeuvre “Lorne Blythe uses the still life to investigate how photography has historically shaped and manipulated the way we see the world, and to transform simple structures into forms loaded with mental or metaphysical qualities. In his photographs of tooth brushes, white sugar cubes and pink Gillette razors piled before pastel studio backdrops, […]

Scott Reeder

Scott Reeder Work from 365 Mission “On view through March 16 at 356 South Mission Road, Scott Reeder has created something akin to the abandoned set of a film in process, which it may in fact be. According to IMDB, Reeder is in post-production on a film called Moon Dust starring some one named Tyrone Love. This show is […]

Sylvan Lionni

Sylvan Lionni Work from his oevure. “One particularly interesting aspect of Sylvan Lionni’s art is that he makes seemingly impersonal items feel personal. His is not the art of the hand-rendered, yet his sensibility is very much in evidence in his choice of materials, scale, craftsmanship, color, and probably minute details that are not even […]

Aaron Garber-Maikovska

  Aaron Garber-Maikovska Work from “Being One and Then Sum“. ““Chopin’s small forms (nocturne, impromptu, waltz, mazurka, scherzo, ballade, prelude) are rooms, single-occupancy, open to hauntings. Chopin assists my quest to imagine a vocation of pleasure, and to find value in the tiny, the out-of-date, and the wrong.” – Wayne Kostenbaum: Hotel Theory, Brooklyn, 2007 “Words […]

Anna-Sophie Berger

Anna-Sophie Berger Work from KE-17 JIGSAW KE-03 LARGE PINKING KE-24 SCALLOP KE-16 POSTAL “The same images that are made into photographs are also reproduced onto silk scarfs of the exact same size. The difference between the two objects lies within their haptic reality, their ideal value in terms of fashion versus art, merchandise versus edition, handcrafted […]

Like a Virgin

Like a Virgin @ VI, VII. “This unlikely story begins on a sea that was a blue dream…i Before arriving at the cloudberries and crème, the fluffy desert of choice that completes the holiday meal here, one must endure a traditional Christmas Norwegian dinner that is all about survival. Two of the most popular dishes […]

Tilman Hornig

Tilman Horning Work from his oeuvre. “The central component of the work Before and After: An image about potential Before and After: about the ideas motivation Before and After: I am familiar with mandarins Before and After: December, November, October Before and After: the central component of the work Before and After: I am familiar […]