Zachary Davis


Zachary Davis

Work from Tropical Depression.

Zachary has an opening Friday @ extra extra in Philadelphia, extra extra shows solid work, check it out.

“A low pressure system. The artists, as my friend Andre St. James says, “Keep it on simmer.” I don’t know how much consideration went into titling Tropical Depression, the current group exhibition at New American Art Union (922 SE Ankeny) by the Appendix Collective, but bearing Andre’s words in mind, it’s apt. The Appendix artists—Maggie Casey, Zachary Davis, Josh Pavlacky, Benjamin Young—like a tropical depression, have a low-key way of making weather happen.

Like a force of nature.

…which is what the works in Tropical Depression address: earth, water, sky…and man’s forays into the great out of doors. These are works of modest scale in a mix of media that ranges from the common to the oddball (agar agar, anyone?) that are individually strong and collectively if not hurricane force, then close. The works inform and comment on one another, complete or contradict one another in intriguing and rewarding ways…” – ultrapdx

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