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Iain Ball

Iain Ball Work from Rare Earth Sculpture Project “The Rare Earth Sculpture project is an object-orientated Thinktank developed by Iain Ball for The project aims to create an alternative energy supply which is injected into each Rare Earth Element. This Energy is formalized into info-matter by creating new connections and associations with the metals, their use-value, geopolitics […]

Zachary Davis

  Zachary Davis Work from Tropical Depression. Zachary has an opening Friday @ extra extra in Philadelphia, extra extra shows solid work, check it out. “A low pressure system. The artists, as my friend Andre St. James says, “Keep it on simmer.” I don’t know how much consideration went into titling Tropical Depression, the current group […]

Michelle Ceja

Michelle Ceja Work from her oeuvre. Ceja and I have work in the upcoming shoe A Diamond is Forever at extra extra along with Alexander Skarlinski, Daniel G. Baird, and Dave Murray. The show opens October 1st @ 7:00. “Extending the idealism granted to youth to the whole of humanity, this work acknowledges that our ability to conjure such […]

Artie Vierkant

Artie Vierkant Work from Full Throttle. “In Full Throttle, by Artie Vierkant, a six-screen video installation and continuing series, action and suspense scenes from major Hollywood films are recorded streaming over the Internet at very slow connection speeds. Each film is a major part of our collective pop culture consciousness but is made available publicly only through means […]

Alexandr Skarlinski

Alexandr Skarlinski Work from his oeuvre. Screen captures are from here and here. In lieu of a statement, I have placed Skarlinski’s most recent writing below. I have been thinking about a new idea for a project lately, that would unfortunately require much too much grant money and free time to currently pursue.  The work […]