Adriana Lara

Adriana Lara

Work from 380°.

“…Lara’s installation 380° (2007), presented as a recent solo exhibition at Galería Comercial, builds on her interest in mapping while also moving in directions at once personal and cosmic. The piece comprises a number of spherical sculptures, some resting on pedestals or tripods and others suspended from the ceiling, that resemble a 3-D diagram of a planetary system—but a diagram that has been exploded. No orbital patterns organize these globes into a coherent universe; 380° is, perhaps, the artists first self-portrait, making metaphoric the network of relations that she has created over the past five years.

Art and cosmos, gallery space and universe, commerice and the big ban: the allusions in 380° are all-encompassing ones that can simultaneously mean everything and nothing. It is in this territory that Lara’s work exists, amid contradiction and ramifying complication in the precariously balanced realm of ideas.” – Sofía Hernández Chong Cuy

via VVORK.

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