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Amalia Pica

Amalia Pica Work from her oeuvre. “Using materials such as photocopies, light bulbs, drinking glasses, and cardboard, Amalia Pica (b. 1978, Argentina) confronts the failures, gaps, and slippages of communication. The act of delivering and receiving a verbal or nonverbal message, and the various forms that communicative exchange may take, along with the very limits […]

Mattia Listowski

Mattia Listowski Work from Space/Shore/Lights. “ROTATE is a plane rotating on itself at the same speed as the carousel which projects the plane: there is a parallel time. Installation designs light through a plane, a frame of white light showing a blank space behind the projection plane. As the plane rotates on itself and blank […]

Adriana Lara

Adriana Lara Work from 380°. “…Lara’s installation 380° (2007), presented as a recent solo exhibition at Galería Comercial, builds on her interest in mapping while also moving in directions at once personal and cosmic. The piece comprises a number of spherical sculptures, some resting on pedestals or tripods and others suspended from the ceiling, that […]