Alain Barthélémy

Alain Barthélémy

Work from his oeuvre.

http://www.sixteenmillioncolors.com,, and

“Coming from an engineer training at the Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) of Lyon in Art Option, Alain Bathélémy leads for several years an artistic research that comes and goes between theorical reflexion and experimentations, conceptual productions and formal propositions, using such mediums as video, computer programs, web sites, and installations. Nowadays, his research is ongoing through the production of images, texts, web sites, that rise questions around language, web spatiality, relationship between virtual and physical spaces. See more;

Alain is feeling very close to conceptual artists like Joseph Kosuth, Art&Langage, Claude Closky, etc, and feel that website with all its specificities such as ubiquity, relationship to materiallity… can be a very intersting medium for nowadays conceptual practices.” – Triangulation Blog

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