Raphael Hefti

Raphael Hefti

Work from Beginning with the first thing that comes to mind.

“Hefti uses photography as an experimental method to analyse and explore the history of materials and his interest in scientific practises.

In his first solo exhibition in Italy, Hefti shows six unique colorLycopodiumprints and two black photograms from the series In memory to Phlogiston.

These works are the outcome of a period of experimenting made by the artist in the dark room by burning the spores of the plant Lycopodium directly on the photographic paper. Historically known as “witch powder”, Lycopodium spores have been used in fireworks and for pyrotechnical effects, due to their high flammability.

The light produced by the burning process gives body to abstract, improvised architectures that seem to recall the deepness of nature.” – Fluxia Gallery

via i heart photograph.

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