Nicolas Sassoon

Nicolas Sassoon

Work from TIDES @ exhibition runs until December 1.

Note: This is an online exhibition and the above videos are screen recordings of the pieces. Please go to the gallery and view the pieces in their proper context.

“The work of Nicolas Sassoon makes use of various computer-based aesthetics to generate fantasized visions of architectures, landscapes and domestic environments. Nicolas publishes a significant part of his work online through the formats of animated gifs and flash animations. His practice also materializes through prints, videos and site-specific installations, utilizing video projection to create imaginary architectural features and custom-made animated wallpapers. His activity is also visible through numerous collaborations with artists, architects, curators, electronic music producers and fashion designers. Nicolas is also a member of Computers Club.

TIDES, the project conceived for his first solo show at, originates from a recent permanence of the artist in his hometown of Biarritz, a city on the French Atlantic coast. The project features 6 animations that are named after a particular state of the tide, when the ocean is calm and thin layers of water slowly expand and retreat over large areas of sand. Each animation presents a study of the oceans surface using moirĂ©s; two layers of patterns in movement creating the illusion of a third animated image.” –

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