JSBJ – Bartholomew

JSBJBartholomew (group exhibition) @ 12 Mail.

Works by Jeremie Egry, Martin Oppel, and Samuel Francois.

“Physiological transformation, historical category, individual and collective statement, adolescence is fully marked by ambivalence and confusion. Despite this diversity, references relating to this transitional period continue to grow in importance, often to become the main components in the formation of a cultural heritage. From TV series to sports, video games and even pornography, the whole spectrum of our imagination bears the imprint of experiences and references conveyed during adolescence. This trend cult of youth seems to have become exceedingly clear since World War II. The decline of parental authority, the increasing purchasing power and exaltation of new lifestyles have contributed to making this period an explosion of identity marks. Each decade introduces its own eras and, in more and more spectacular ways, offers new countermeasures to challenge conformity. Through continuous updating of current assets, an escalation of miscellaneous items gradually stood out as exclusive privileges belonging to the “youth”.” – excerpt from a text by Joël Vacheron

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