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Harm van den Dorpel

Harm van den Dorpel Work from About at Wilkinson Gallery “…He is not aware that a gallery system exists. All his work exists in the virtual sphere, which to him is more real than the reality we all supposedly inhabit in the day-to-day. That was then. Even now, it doesn’t matter to him so much which of his works are […]

Free Transform

Free Transform at Third Party Gallery. Featuring Fleur van Dodewaard, Nick DeMarco, Bea Fremderman, JoJo Luzhou Li, and Santiago Taccetti. “Free Transform examines the burgeoning cross section of contemporary photography and the internet- moving away from the web browser as the locus in which we view these works, and moving towards less refined definitions of […]

JSBJ – Bartholomew

JSBJ – Bartholomew (group exhibition) @ 12 Mail. Works by Jeremie Egry, Martin Oppel, and Samuel Francois. “Physiological transformation, historical category, individual and collective statement, adolescence is fully marked by ambivalence and confusion. Despite this diversity, references relating to this transitional period continue to grow in importance, often to become the main components in the […]


AIDS-3D Work from their oeuvre. “…Complicating their position, Keller and Kosmas state, “Acting as both patron and proprietor of an all-you-can eat-buffet, Aids-3D dynamically hedges its positions — deciding, juxtaposing and networking to effectively manage their risk while providing unique works which attempt to satisfy market criteria.” I understand this, roughly, to mean, “As a […]

Ruth Buchanan

Ruth Buchanan Work from A Wayward Punctuation @ Grazer Kunstverein. “Using methods and media such as sculpture, video, performance, language, sound, graphics and slide projection, Ruth Buchanan constructs both literary and built spaces whereby the underlying motives and questions at stake create an interplay of contingencies. At the core of the speculations conducted in these […]

Yngve Holen and Anne de Vries

Yngve Holen and Anne de Vries Work from TruEYE surView. “What if we understand material and things not just as objects but as driving actors in our daily intimacies? Commodities were always playing an important role in the arts – they became art through the artist’s ability to define them as such. But what if we […]

Timur Si Qin

Timur Si Qin Work from The Axe Effect. “The Axe effect is the internationally recognized name for the increased attention Axe-wearing males receive from eager, and attractive female pursuers. Regardless of where you live, you can get the Axe-Effect by going to a store near you and purchasing one of our fine products.” – Unilever […]