Peter Puklus

Peter Puklus

Work from Handbook to the Stars.

Visit the site or buy the book, the experience is vastly different than presented here.

“This project is the continuation of an artistic process defined by the series Budapest Eden, started in 2009. Dreamlike symbols, mock-ups, installations, readymades. This series is the photo-documentation of a sculpting experiment, resembling the form and light exercises of the 20-s avant-garde. Handbook to the Stars attempts to visualize the infinitely flexible and tricky associative capacity of our brain. Peter Puklus chooses not to leave his studio during the making of this series, but to commit himself with body and soul to his vision and observations, in the company of trash and bric-a-brac, in complete isolation of the outside world. Following inner voices, he reveals and gives proof to deep, unknown and invisible relations and conspiracies.” – Gergely László

via Conscientious

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