Hugo Scibetta

Hugo Scibetta

Work from his oeuvre.

“I build my work between the object’s plasticity and the dematerialization of information.This results in installations where the object (s) used in their elaboration stays visible and is part of the final work.

The virtual and how it can exist in a physical space is at the center of my concerns. My approach is currently in a test of spatial integration of the virtual image, mainly through installations.

I think at the aesthetics of the screen in a contemplative way. I consider the computer world has a true plastic quality and is revealing of a contemporary society. To include the notion of the computer object (as aesthetic value), and give it a spatialization, the pro-jector was the perfect intermediary. it allows to paste a light encoded dimension in a given space.

The drawing from software is an important part of my job too. Initially regarded as prepara- tory sketches I reconsidered the plastic aspect of drawings that I realized when I joined the Computer Club Drawing Society. But most of the time these drawings turns into physical installation.” – Hugo Scibetta

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