Facundo Pires

Facundo Pires

Work from Into the Conquer of Inner Space.

“I watch plants as they grow thorugh the cracks in human buildings, some across the remains of a rusty wheel, some aerial ones lean over high voltage cables; mushrooms and biological systems lying underground, seeming to express their inner worlds in the taking over external territory.
In an instinctive / intuitive way they use the given space and environment, growing and spreading purposefully, no permissions recquired, feeding on everything surrounding them, breaking thorugh to widen their domain as they turn themselves to provide in turn the space for other forms of life to develope.

I see my work likewise; I pick on what’s been discarded, what’s broken therefore unseen. What’s failed seems uncompleted, thus a fertile ground for the production of a new image. To unveil the ways in which images have their intercourse (feeding and changing views) in this overworked-image era. Our work-space gets constantly re-defined in widening new ground.
Some of my images consist in the photographic record of public space intervention, likely displayed on abandoned, torn apart places I would not see again (and hence I’ll miss any eventual public reception to it).

Other times I work right away with broken printers, with their heads overloading ink in the reprinting of several images superimposed; random-work failed machinery standing as a counterpoint to the surgical perfection of digital devices. Intendedly I leave some photographs outdoors for several days, then I look back on them; the exposure of the materials to weather phenomena as time goes by in an uncontrolled environment challenges and my creation skill and thrills my ideas of control over my own production…” – Facundo Pires

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