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Facundo Pires

Facundo Pires Work from Into the Conquer of Inner Space. “I watch plants as they grow thorugh the cracks in human buildings, some across the remains of a rusty wheel, some aerial ones lean over high voltage cables; mushrooms and biological systems lying underground, seeming to express their inner worlds in the taking over external […]

Travis Kent

Travis Kent Work from Hope You’re Well. “Travis Kent’s recent photographs in “Hope You’re Well,” his first solo exhibition, are devoid of irony. Though many of the images approach cliché––the back of a head against a pristine rainbow, a hipster couple kissing in the trash-laden kitchen of a house party, a crocodile in a murky […]

Haris Epaminoda

Haris Epaminoda Work from his oeuvre. “…deceptively intimate works of Epaminonda: collages, escoriating and beautiful. They collectively form a kind of liminal space through the imagery of a past – the mid 20th Century – yet they don’t address a period in time, perhaps so that it might be the past, again. They are composed […]

Bea Fremderman

   Bea Fremderman Work from her oeuvre. “There is an immediacy in Fremderman’s work that brings to the fore a brash youthfulness that demands the spotlight and your full attention. She knows how to play on your desires while simultaneously captivating your gaze like a road-side car crash rubber-necker. The intimate relations that Fremderman is […]