Ulrich Vogel

Ulrich Vogel

Work from his oeuvre.

“..Right up to the present day Ulrich Vogl‘s work has been defined by an approach which is both conceptual and experimental. The sources of inspiration are often the materials themselves: everyday objects such as slide projectors, construction lamps, cardboard tubes and aluminium foil, or materials which carry a hint of “special effect” within them
from the outset. Vogl “borrows” these glittering and iridescent materials from the world of theatre and show business.
Whether they are simple, everyday materials or special ones: they are always presented in an unusual context and
processed in unexpected ways, using Vogl’s own distinctive style.

The result of this process-based and analytical approach is that each work stands for its own and develops its individual effect space. In the process, the exterior material forms also change continously. Although Vogl’s work is based on drawing, from one instance to the next it may express itself as a room-filling installation, a film or an object. Drawings in the classical sense – works on paper – are now virtually non-existent in his work. The expression “Extension of drawing”, already the title of an exhibition and a catalogue, epitomises Vogl’s approach. Using sign and drawing as a starting point, he extends his work into other spheres…” – Julia Trolp

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