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Ryoji Ikeda

Ryoji Ikeda Work from test pattern. “This latest audiovisual work from Ryoji Ikeda, presents intense flickering black and white imagery, which floats and convulses in darkness to a stark and powerful, highly synchronised soundtrack. Through a real–time computer programme, test pattern converts Ikeda’s audio signal patterns into tightly synchronized barcode patterns on screen. The velocity […]

Ulrich Vogel

Ulrich Vogel Work from his oeuvre. “..Right up to the present day Ulrich Vogl‘s work has been defined by an approach which is both conceptual and experimental. The sources of inspiration are often the materials themselves: everyday objects such as slide projectors, construction lamps, cardboard tubes and aluminium foil, or materials which carry a hint […]

Mattia Listowski

Mattia Listowski Work from Space/Shore/Lights. “ROTATE is a plane rotating on itself at the same speed as the carousel which projects the plane: there is a parallel time. Installation designs light through a plane, a frame of white light showing a blank space behind the projection plane. As the plane rotates on itself and blank […]


Onformative Work from Fragments of RGB. “An ordinary situation in a technoid world: strolling through the streets and passing enormous LED screens consisting of tiny points of light that generate an impression of reality. This reality is such a familiar and an integral part of our daily life that the viewer hardly reflects on it. […]

Charles Benton

Charles Benton Work from his oeuvre. Below is an interview with HUH Magazine. “…You do a lot of installation work as well as photography, installation work is often conceptual while photographers are often formalistic. Do you consider yourself a formalist or conceptualist? I think installation is perceived as more conceptual and photography as more formal […]

Snijders & Teunisse

Bram Snijders & Carolien Teunisse Work from RE: “RE: is a 360 projection-mapping installation that uses mirrors to enable a projector to project on all sides of its own surface. In most art installations the projector is used as merely a tool; preferably even hidden away from view. Contrastingly, in Re: the projector is the […]

Jessica Pooch

Jessica Pooch Work from her oeuvre. INSIDE MONDRIAN The work “inside Mondrian” is constituted in an installation consisting of a projector, a fog machine, a Metal tube and a ventilator. Beamer and fog machine to face off in a line. The projector projects the image without interruption. The fog machine is equipped with a metal pipe […]