Brush it in

Brush it in at Flowers East, Curated by Lorenzo Durantini, featuring Joshua Citarella, Fleur van Dodewaard, Christiane Feser, Darren Har vey-Regan, Antonio Marguet, Anne de Vries.

“An ever secretive and loosely defined field, digital post-production has invariably sharpened the crisis of faith in photographic representation. This loss of faith has levelled the playing field; all manipulative strategies are at once simultaneously expected and disavowed. The artists in this exhibition are instigating what could be called the beginnings of a post-Photoshop engagement with photography. What was once a novel and paradigm shifting digital process has become a banality; it is used everywhere and by everyone. Brush it in hopes to further dismantle the mechanism of image manipulation by highlighting its relationship to sculptural and material interventions.” – Lorenzo Durantini

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