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Conall McAteer

Conall McAteer Work fromĀ Holier Than Thou “Holier Than ThouĀ is a series composed of edited and overlapped candid images of religious iconography taken in the context where photography is restricted or forbidden. Describable as an act to control their reproduction and veneration as the church had previously held jurisdiction over the use of the colour blue […]

Brush it in

Brush it in at Flowers East, Curated by Lorenzo Durantini, featuring Joshua Citarella, Fleur van Dodewaard, Christiane Feser, Darren Har vey-Regan, Antonio Marguet, Anne de Vries. “An ever secretive and loosely defined field, digital post-production has invariably sharpened the crisis of faith in photographic representation. This loss of faith has levelled the playing field; all […]

Alexander Lis

Alexander Lis Work From Gradient Paintings. “Creative Research is an open space for all sorts of self-initiated projects in the fields of art and design.” – Alexander Lis via Triangulation Blog.