Guillermo R. Gudiño

Guillermo R. Gudiño

Work from his oeuvre.

“Your mind is attempting to escape from this text and it takes some effort to stay here, present.

This happens to us all, several times in a day, but most of the time we don’t notice how it is affecting our behavior. It is useful to be able to escape, but many times this keeps us from living in the present and relating with the everyday. My work is an ongoing investigation that focuses in this human condition.

The temporary situations I produce open the possibility of increasing awareness of our sense of place. I suggest alternative ways of inserting one context into another, shifting functions, activities, objects and locations. I am interested in how the two frames meet, making visible how both are constructed and equally admissible. The work becomes a platform where human interactions can occur in two places at the same time. To achieve the desired suspension of disbelief, I use practices like photography, sculpture, performance and relational art, integrating them with common activities such as conversation, bargaining, chopping wood or camping.

Contemporary societies are so saturated with alternative ways of making sense of reality that understanding the vulnerability of frames is a priority in my research. We need to question the way ‘reality’ is being framed in order to make sense of what is going on and what we are escaping from. My task is to provide situations that allow for a re-evaluation of the way we construct and accept specific structures in which we are asked to believe.” – Guillermo R. Gudiño

via Field Notes.

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