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Erik Bulatov

Erik Bulatov From top to bottom: Not to be Leaned On (1987), People in a Landscape (1976), Two Landscapes on a Red Background (1972-74), Horizon (1971-72) “Eric Bulatov was born in Sverdlovsk in 1933 and was raised in Moscow. He began his studies at the Moscow School of Art and finished at the Surikov Institute in 1958. After working several years […]

Guillermo R. Gudiño

Guillermo R. Gudiño Work from his oeuvre. “Your mind is attempting to escape from this text and it takes some effort to stay here, present. This happens to us all, several times in a day, but most of the time we don’t notice how it is affecting our behavior. It is useful to be able […]

Bevis Martin and Charlie Youle

Bevis Martin and Charlie Youle Work from their oeuvre. “Over the past four years or so we have developed a collaborative practice in the conception and realisation of our work that we find liberating and interesting. It is an expression of our common interest in ambiguities in the idea of authorship and expression – having […]

Bethan Hews

Bethan Hews Work from her oeuvre. “‘Piss off I’m a fountain!’ an abusive notice board proclaims in white plastic letters on a black ground. Are these the words of an offended ornament that we have mistaken for a urinal? Or are they the angry reaction of a readymade that feels it has not been identified […]

J. Parker Valentine

J. Parker Valentine Work from her oeuvre. “‘Could a photograph be something that you have scanned; is that a type of photograph?’ J. Parker Valentine posed this question to me upon my invitation to contribute to this project, and I realized the complexities of answering yes or no. I once taught an experimental drawing class […]

Lauren Pascarella

Lauren Pascarella Work from her oeuvre. “My work involves demonstrating, in both image and process, the intangible connection between signifier and the signified. By photographic fragments of imagery that is site-specific to the viewer (a book, a chair, a light, a building), I am compelling the viewer to consider only what is in front of himlher visually. Through […]

Helmut Smits

Filling a Hole, 2010. Rainbow, 2010. YouTube (staring at the wall), 2010. A Plastic Plant Acting Like a Real One by Losing Its Leaves, 2009. Helmut Smits Work from his oeuvre. “I believe that every situation, thought or object carries a good work of art in itself. I search for this artwork by going back […]