Ian Pedigo


Ian Pedigo

Work from (mostly) Accumulations of Matter at Klaus Von Nichtssagend.

“Accumulations of Matter addresses the life of objects and the totality of the spaces within which they are contained. The sculptures in the show express a visual and physical fragility that opposes the concreteness of an assembled and actualized idea. Pedigo removes materials from their original context while incorporating their associative qualities in new forms, acknowledging the inevitability that once an object is created it is already in a state of temporal change. He also finds new structures and formal tableaux in combining fragments based on aesthetics or the connotations implicit in his materials.

The work in Accumulations of Matter specifically treats the environment of the gallery as a whole. Interventions on the gallery’s windows change the light in the space, while transforming the storefront into a large scale sculptural work. By doing so Pedigo draws attention to the delineation of outdoor and indoor space which is integral to the recontextualization of his domestic and natural materials and to his artistic practice. Similarly, large works on the walls break down the boundaries between discrete sculptures, suggesting elements of domestic interiority and creating an environmental whole.” – Klaus Von Nichtssagend

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