Florence To


Florence To

Work from Fovea by Florence To

“”Providing a constant background upon which a stimulus can be superimposed: an absolute threshold upon the dark-adapted state, a differential threshold upon the light-adapted state. Hecht had written equations for the steady state; and by assuming that the visual threshold, absolute or differential, corresponds to a constant increment in the rate of breakdown of photosensitive material, he could extend his treatment to departures from the steady state the phenomena encountered in brightness discrimination, the response to flickering light, and the absolute threshold.

Before he started any experiments in human dark adaptation, visual acuity, intensity discrimination, or colour vision, he had already published theoretical approaches to these functions on the basis of existing data. Having repeatedly been frustrated by incomplete or inadequate information, he was determined that measurements from his own laboratory should be precise and exhaustive.”” – Florence To

via Triangulation Blog.

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