LaTurbo Avedon

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LaTurbo Avedon

Work from New Sculpt

“LaTurbo Avedon is a social media avatar and artist. Her work has been enabled by an ever-growing network of friends and collaborators, allowing her to participate in both online and offline exhibitions internationally. Residing entirely on digital platforms, her work ranges from character creation in video games to constructing entirely new virtual environments to inhabit.

Beside LaTurbo Avedon‘s main creations, you’ll be able to find amazing pararell online series, such as ‘png Island‘ or the beautiful pieces in ‘New Sculpt‘. The process for New Sculpt has been to reinterpret photographs using various 3D rendering tools. Returning to the now-aged Second Life platform, LaTurbo Avedon used the process of importing sculpt maps or ‘sculpties’ as a way to look at images differently.

LaTurbo Avedon explains: Where the rendering engine is anticipating a prepared sculpt map, which often looks like a smooth gradient of several colors, I am instead feeding it a much more complicated sequence of colors when I give it a photographic image. Whether the imported image is a portrait of Brad Troemel or documentation of a Mark Rothko painting, each has its own conversion to a three-dimensional shape. The resulting objects are often duplicated and arranged to create new formations.”

via O Fluxo

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