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Hugo Scibetta

Hugo Scibetta Work from Draped at Domain Gallery “Hugo Scibetta’s work reinterpret and reconstruct the information and images ingested through the prism of the screen. From these attempts derive various forms, which are an experiment of composition and confrontation between volatile datas and tangible materials. The “Draped” series is an evolving and ongoing project. It is […]

Kim Laughton

Kim Laughton Work from his oeuvre  “Some extraordinary 3D design here from Shanghai-based artist Kim Laughton. Kim consider himself a little impatient because he usually don’t like anything that isn’t finished in a day or two. You may recognize his work from some of Kingdom‘s visuals or from TIMEFLY(his personal clothing label). TIMEFLY is where Kim puts most […]

Pablo Jones-Soler

Pablo Jones-Soler Work from Frontier options or something about levels and Omega Systems “Frontier options or something about levels: Looking at the Gaia hypothesis through consumer products, which operate within their own evolutionary system. Seeing earth as a complex self-regulating ecosystem where organisms and their inorganic surroundings interact to maintain the appropriate conditions for life. There is a […]

LaTurbo Avedon

LaTurbo Avedon Work from New Sculpt “LaTurbo Avedon is a social media avatar and artist. Her work has been enabled by an ever-growing network of friends and collaborators, allowing her to participate in both online and offline exhibitions internationally. Residing entirely on digital platforms, her work ranges from character creation in video games to constructing entirely […]


Lenox-Lenox Work from TMRRW(dot)net (and their oeuvre). “TMRRW(dot)net combines predictable and unpredictable change in order to form a cubic time capsule of tomorrow’s relics. Predictions arise by mapping the course of natural disasters and desiccated resources, and non-predictions are postulated from science fiction and myth. The resulting guided tour of The Last Gallery presents attributes […]