Sean Connelly


Sean Connelly

Work from A Small Area of Land at ii gallery.

“The ii gallery in Honolulu, Hawai‘i, is currently showing architect Sean Connelly’s installation A Small Area of Land (Kaka‘ako Earth Room), a “temporary earth sculpture” made from “32,000 pounds of volcanic soil and coral sand.”

The resulting prismatic monolith is 7′ tall, 9′ long, and 4′ wide, and it “takes geometry to a new level,” we read: “starting with a basic rectangular block, the sculpture will feature a single sloping surface that aligns with the position of the sun and moon on a key date in the history of land in Hawai‘i.”

The exhibition title is the definition of the term kuleana, as translated in the Dictionary of Hawaiian Legal Land Terms. Coupled with increasingly contentious perspectives on the future use, development, and management of Hawai‘i’s land and natural resources, A Small Area of Land (Kaka‘ako Earth Room) uses two of Hawai‘i’s most politically charged materials and highly valued commodities (dirt and sand) to comment on the state of its environmental decline.” – ii gallery


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