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Ben Alun-Jones

Work from One Good Emperor

“There were ‘Five Good Emperors’ of ancient Rome – Nerva, Trajan, Hadrian, Antoninus Pius and Marcus Aurelius. These five men were the most successful of their kind. ‘One Good Emperor’ asks if by mixing and blending their best attributes can we find the greatest Emperor of the Roman Empire?

Using his 3D scanning and remixing tools, Ben Alun-Jones has scanned the busts of these five emperors from the British Museum in London and the Getty Museum in California. These scans have then been blended to create different mixes of One Good Emperor. One attempt to find the perfect mix will be shown having been reproduced physically. Visitors to Works Collective in Milan will also be able to create their own version of One Good Emperor.

Many of these classical busts were actually reproductions and so the idea of the original can often be distorted. This project questions the notions of value and uniqueness in a world where any object can be scanned, sampled and reproduced, simply by recording the object on video.”

This work has been recently shown in Ventura Lambrate Milan as part of the Works Collective.

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