Good Luck & Safe Journey

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Sam Falls, Federico Maddalozzo, Julia Rommel

Work from “Good Luck & Safe Journey” at T293, Naples.

“The exhibition examines the procedures and repeated gestures used to structure works in a certain way and open them up to random luck and chance, be it natural or employed. In their final forms, the works by Sam Falls, Federico Maddalozzo and Julia Rommel present a record of the processes while outlining new directions in pictorial and sculptural abstraction. Control and supervision have to surrender to or only attempt to remedy the action of time, chance and nature, which will always be unpredictable and ungovernable.

In much of his work, Sam Falls investigates the capacity for representation involved in the processes of deterioration, such as the long-term effects of sunlight, rain and time on materials like paper, steel and cloth. Throughout the past few years he has been creating sculptures, paintings and photographs whose interest comes from the work’s potential in both its unfinished and finished state.

Julia Rommel will present a series of new paintings that provide evidence of the processes through which they pass. Surfaces coated with thick textured and multi-layers of paint on linen show signs of being cut, unstretched and restretched more than once. The resulting monochromes are indeed deeply intimate and emotional.

In ‘Refreshing chromophobia’, Federico Maddalozzo goes through an inverse process by which he reproduces urban structures – such as casings of windows and doors – and the action of clearing them from spray paint. The structures become fetishist objects that absorb and reflect the process showing the remains of colors and their visual impact.” – T293

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