Everything Is Anything Else


Everything Is Anything Else (Jason Lukas, Zach Norman, and Aaron Hegert)

Work from their current Exhibition at the Mt. Comfort Gallery in Indianapolis, on view until September 21.

“EVERYTHING IS ANYTHING ELSE proposes the camera’s true muscularity is not in its ability to inform, but rather in its ability to redirect, transform, and diffuse the meanings and associations cloaking the physical matter of the banal world. Utilizing a cyclical structure of collaboration, EVERYTHING IS participates in a collective process of response and re-interpretation. Rather than considering the photographic “document” as stable and descriptively conclusive, the images propose questions, relationships, and a new language of associations separate from the subject matter’s original cultural and practical context. The visual matter describes a conflict of plausibility, through a simultaneous reference to both digital augmentation and the mystery of plain sight. Through a rigorous examination of the visual matter in question, the photographers have elevated the objects and surfaces to a level of scrutiny not normally afforded to physical manifestations of the mundane world. The result of this investigation is a canceling or emptying out of meaning, where the viewer is encouraged to enter into this ongoing conversation, and consider the shifting implications of our shared, perceptual existence. ” – Everything is Anything Else

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