Jordan Tate


Jordan Tate

Work from Gamut Warning at Denny Gallery, opening reception Sunday, September 15th from 6-8pm.

“Denny Gallery is pleased to announce the first solo gallery exhibition in New York City of Jordan Tate, titled Gamut Warning and running from September 14 to October 20, 2013.

Jordan Tate’s work represents a shift away from the understanding of photography as mechanical reproduction and an acknowledgement of the image-maker as the mediator of sight. Tate explores process and practice in contemporary visual culture. His work is based in ongoing research/meta-photographic critique concerning the visual and conceptual processes of image comprehension.

The exhibition will include a selection of recent work by Jordan Tate, notably featuring New Work #150 (Gamut Warning), 2012. Gamut Warning consists of three distinct iterations: 24 color photographs, a large-run newsprint artist’s book, and a PDF e-book. He uses the different forms of image delivery to examine how images are created, produced and viewed. His work often focuses on the technologies and physical practice of making photographs. In Gamut Warning, for example, we see lights, color reference cards, human hands setting things up and arranging subjects, color gradients, slide holders and a machine vision camera. The works in the exhibition question the institutional authority behind our understanding of images and suggest that authorship, medium and context, rather than the reality of an image’s referent, have the greatest influence on what we understand from an image.” – Denny Gallery

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