Sebastian Jefford

install shot ROGK surface-lite instructional (detail) 1-660x439 3.-Bootleggers-660x440 installation shot Sebastian Jefford

Work from his oeuvre

“Sebastian Jefford makes objects, paintings, images, installations, videos and web-based works – and often things that exist somewhere in between. Familiar yet strange, a chronic artificiality pervades in his work to the point of sickliness. Humble DIY materials and domestic objects are assigned new yet curiously absurd roles. The work forges a styleless, workaday, dull environment, accented by elements of pathetic drollery: jostling between an industrial coldness and slapstick crappiness. It takes an impressive degree of accomplishment and assurance to make this approach somehow so involving, and with Sebastian currently undertaking the the Spike Island Studio Fellowship, we expect to see much more in the near future.”

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