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Alex Da Corte

Alex Da Corte Work from his oeuvre “Unquestionably, 29-year-old artist Alex Da Corte is an heir to the American school of pop. But Da Corte, who was born in Camden, New Jersey, also lived in Caracas, Venezuela, until he was eight, and some of South America’s appreciation for bright, lysergic colors, swirling surfaces, andcelebratory life-and-death […]

Sebastian Jefford

Sebastian Jefford Work from his oeuvre “Sebastian Jefford makes objects, paintings, images, installations, videos and web-based works – and often things that exist somewhere in between. Familiar yet strange, a chronic artificiality pervades in his work to the point of sickliness. Humble DIY materials and domestic objects are assigned new yet curiously absurd roles. The […]

Stefan Panhans

Stefan Panhans Work from Items for Possible Videosets. “Stefan Panhans also concentrates in his works on everyday phenomena, even though, with another emphasize: His videos and photographs analyse the spectacle of increasing commercialisation and staging of urban spaces and reflects on the people’s searching for role models within these situations. In his photographic work, Panhans […]