Mia Goyette

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Mia Goyette

Work from The blues, you lose

“Goyette employs a wealth of materials, from fake flowers and electrical wires to resin casts of consumer goods; she couples production with anti-production to expose an alternative physical world.

For her installation at Vitrine, technological, natural and domestic worlds sit together; taken as a whole, they suggest the passage of time and display the remains of a potential future. ‘The blues, you lose’ traces a physical relationship to these objects: a puddle of dirty water, discarded window boxes, detritus.  It envisions a plausible world composed of a hybrid landscape of many segments and modes of display – the earnest replication of familiar objects becomes a record of its own failure.

In her 2012 installation Antifreeze (Fortified Flower Vases), Goyette recreates a quotidian display of leftover drinks, in the artist’s words: ‘’Clear bottles are scattered around the room, plastic or glass, a record of what I’ve had to drink over the past month: Club Matê, mineral water, 1 bottle of gin, 1 bottle of whiskey, Evian 0,5L, more mineral water, Coke Zero.’’ Each bottle filled with fluorescent water and a white flower becomes a casual, aesthetic arrangement where the repurposed remains of human consumption act as a cipher for our own fading youth.

In her latest works Goyette continues to engage with the materiality of language, production processes and the transmutation of structures, liquids, nature and artifice, which sees the artist navigating the allusive space between bodies and objects.”


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