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Mia Goyette

Mia Goyette Work from The blues, you lose “Goyette employs a wealth of materials, from fake flowers and electrical wires to resin casts of consumer goods; she couples production with anti-production to expose an alternative physical world. For her installation at Vitrine, technological, natural and domestic worlds sit together; taken as a whole, they suggest the […]

John Henry Twachtman

John Henry Twachtman From Top to Bottom: Arques-la-Bataille (1885), Round Hill Road (ca. 1890-1900), Flowers (ca. 1900), and Along the River, Winter (1889) “Born in Cincinnati, John Henry Twachtman worked as a decorator of window shades, as had his father. At the same time he took night classes at the Ohio Mechanics Institute and then enrolled at the McMicken […]

Thomas Hauser

Thomas Hauser Work from Amazona. “At first glance, it seems to Thomas Hauser’s series AMAZONA very clearly act to an interpretation of the still life genre. Lush floral arrangements are displayed with great care in all its beauty and immortalized, as you might find it too similar to an old Dutch paintings. On closer examination, […]