Future Retrieval


Future Retrieval

Work from Image of Order.

“”Image of Order” was made by Future Retrieval, in collaboration with Chris Vorhees. “Image of Order” is inspired in equal parts by 2001: A Space Odyssey, James Turrell, and the English Neo-classical rooms at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. The idea was to build a period room on wheels that referenced the monolith – a large black box that opens into another world, somewhere in an alternate future. The final object is a period room without a period, the interior suggesting a time and a place that is both alien and familiar. French landscape wallpaper is re-imaged through hand cut paper, adding time and labor to a room that seems untouched and almost stark. Two moons are added into the landscape, along with the visionary architecture of Boulle. Playing off of iconic interiors grounds the piece, while the lit base and niches seem to push out into space. The interior walls have a subtle curve, obscuring the familiar.

The interior niches contain porcelain statues of Michelangelo’s David, in a transformative state. Similar to typical Neo-classical interiors, the sculptures both set and distort the scale of the room. The exterior of the monolith is covered in black mirrored formica, allowing the viewer to see themselves in it’s reflection, a small substitute for not being able to go inside…” – Future Retrieval

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