Maxime Guyon

display-e1438251196225Maxime_Guyon_Malleable_Composition_01Maxime_Guyon_Malleable_Composition_02Maxime_Guyon_Malleable_Composition_03Maxime_Guyon_Malleable_Composition_04Maxime_Guyon_Malleable_Composition_05  sideviewMaxime Guyon

work from Technical Exaptation at ECAL Switzerland

This project deals on the technological evolution at its large sense. Replicating the hyper-commercialization aesthetic codes, this series dissects standardized commodities and high technologies which are here listed as full species.The images are intentionally manipulated, which finally witness the hybridizations that the photographic medium as well as technology undergo. This work acts like a research on the role of a photographer nowadays while we currently experience a significant rise of post-internet art.

These 5 pieces are made of bended and laser cut steel sheet, then wrapped with glossy vinyl print, which is a function originally applied for car body printing.


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