Nina Koennemann


Nina Koennemann.

Work from Lithic Reductions.

“Lithic Reductions is a site-specific installation by NINA KOENNEMANN presented in the former paint spraying booth at Taylor Macklin in Zürich.

The project focuses on NINA‘s porcelain objects that look like archaeological fragments. She took an interest in the development of stone tools which is still practiced by hobbyists as ‘knapping’. The knappers attempt, according to the press release, ‘to replicate neolithic artifacts, contextualizing their works with technical speculation, esoteric projections of stone-age thinking, and imagined narratives of survival and scarcity’.

By displaying these fictional prehistoric tools made of sanitary porcelain in the industrial exhibition space of Taylor Macklin , NINA KOENNEMANN not only questions the current notions of history, universal knowledge and vernacular culture but also examines the vestiges of the repertoire of forms within contemporary art.

➝ Lithic Reductions by NINA KOENNEMANN is on view at Taylor Mackin in Zürich till August 18, 2015.

-via We Find Wildness

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