Kaj Nyborg


Kaj Nyborg

GHOST in my house (ISOPLANT) @ New Shelter Plan.

“By showing Kaj Nyborg’s solo exhibition GHOST in my house (ISOPLANT) New Shelter Plan launches its series of autumn exhibitions that are based on a new curatorial approach. A division of the 185m2 large exhibition space into an accessible and an inaccessible part now constitutes the central premise of the coming exhibitions. The participating artists are all dealing with the themes availability / restrictions as part of their practice and they are invited to challenge and expand the concept.

Kaj Nyborg

Kaj Nyborg’s installations pinpoint the unknown in the familiar, based as they are on everyday recognizable phenomena and objects. An atmosphere of uncanniness and impermeability often emerges. Elements of surveillance and disorientation are present as the well-known objects do not contain the information or the functions that we associate them with. In this way they deny us the common knowledge that we thought we were presented to.

GHOST in my house (ISOPLANT)

Two windows with closed blinds are inserted in the wall that divides the exhibition space. Plant parts are trying to work their way through the blinds which moves slightly but not enough to reveal what is on the other side.

Impermeability is a recurring theme in Nyborg’s works, and the exhibition GHOST in my house (ISOPLANT) poses a number of related questions; to whom belongs the “home” that we are looking at and for what purpose are we looking? Does the work of art create a room of possibilities to the viewer or do we have to read the room as a locked position from which action is impossible?

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