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Sadie Barnette

Sadie Barnette Work from Inheritance. “This new body of work uses installation, sculpture, photography, wallpaper and large-scale drawing to examine the artist’s familial legacy. Employing archival material–such as the 500-page dossier compiled by the FBI surveilling her father, Rodney Barnette, during his time in the Black Panther Party–the artist wields the personal nature of generational […]

Kaj Nyborg

Kaj Nyborg GHOST in my house (ISOPLANT) @ New Shelter Plan. “By showing Kaj Nyborg’s solo exhibition GHOST in my house (ISOPLANT) New Shelter Plan launches its series of autumn exhibitions that are based on a new curatorial approach. A division of the 185m2 large exhibition space into an accessible and an inaccessible part now […]

Marie Sester

Marie Sester Work from Access. “ACCESS lets you track anonymous individuals in public places, by pursuing them with a robotic spotlight and acoustic beam system. ACCESS presents control tools generated by surveillance technology combined with the advertising and Hollywood industries, and the internet. It refers to political propoganda and media manipluation. Beware. Some individuals may […]

Miki Kratsman

Miki Kratsman Work from Targeted Killing. “”Targeted Killing”, the new project Miki Kratsman is working upon, examines the term “focused foiling” coined by the IDF (Israel Defense Forces). In the course of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the IDF uses this term against those it considers proven to have intentions of performing a specific act of violence […]

Nicolas Ceccaldi

Nicolas Ceccaldi Work from his oeuvre. “NICOLAS CECCALDI recently produced a series of high-end custom-made surveillance camera prototypes made of melted children’s toys. These biomechatronic dispositives have fantasies of total war inscribed on the surface of their plastic shells and keep a wakeful eye on reality. By plugging them onto video display devices (e.g. a […]

Benjamin Gaulon

Benjamin Gaulon Work from 2.4GHz “The 2.4Ghz project uses a wireless video receiver to hack into wireless surveillance cameras. This device (which is now part of consumers popular products), can be used for wireless surveillance cameras, but it can also be used for parents to monitor their children. Such systems are becoming more popular as […]