Work from their oeuvre.

“SANGREE is the first
SANGREE is a well know figure among contortion enthusiasts
SANGREE is unavailable
SANGREE is from 5 to 8 pm from now on
SANGREE is away
SANGREE is well known in the vicinity
SANGREE is a subdivision
SANGREE is a throwback
SANGREE is plotting
SANGREE is rife with philosophical debate and charged with enough sexual tension to ignite a water park
SANGREE is born
SANGREE is opened
SANGREE is part of the group
SANGREE is based on the true story of a bride who ran away with her lover on her wedding night
SANGREE is an extraordinarily unique horror film that takes the viewer on an unforgettable trip following the life of an insane ex
SANGREE is abuzz with activity and news these days
SANGREE is the closest you’re going to get to a genuinely psychological and intelligent truth.
SANGREE is a psychedelic freudian exploration of the mind’s and of culture’s attitude towards sexuality and repression as told through a slasher film
SANGREE is one of the brightest new bands i have seen in a long time
SANGREE is a haunting
SANGREE is a medium maturing
SANGREE is setting a new standard for the hardcore and metal scene
SANGREE is a spanish word
SANGREE is a poetic masterpiece
SANGREE is pura too motherfucker
SANGREE is not a deep one
SANGREE is a certain woman who has three forms
SANGREE is arguably the best
SANGREE is an early
SANGREE is formed from the proverbial ashes of another victim
SANGREE is a wonderful animal
SANGREE is relatively weak in combat
SANGREE is a drug lord skilled in the art of black magic
SANGREE is considered good for baking and boiling
SANGREE is a tough horse
SANGREE is a bitch
SANGREE is the official journal of the entire world
SANGREE is available in a wide variety of media formats
SANGREE is a powerful and violent film that does not follow normal conventions
SANGREE is about doing it to yourself
SANGREE is by far my fave
SANGREE is mysterious
SANGREE is the code
SANGREE is the love
SANGREE is for everyone

They started working collaboratively in 2009 on an homologue photography zine that meant to explore the most puzzling subjects on human history through images made by the artists. This visual investigation on many different subjects such as nature, technology, popular culture, the cosmos, history, etc progressively migrated to different media giving way to the creation of two ever-growing archives: a photography and a drawing one. Both archives are continuously being updated and are regarded as pools of ideas from which different projects may emerge.

The extensive range of subjects they have explored throughout a decade has led them to develop an interest in materiality and the use of different kinds of media which spans from traditional techniques, to craftful hand made processes, to large scale architectural installations.” – SANGREE

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