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SANGREE Work from their oeuvre. “SANGREE is the first SANGREE is a well know figure among contortion enthusiasts SANGREE is unavailable SANGREE is from 5 to 8 pm from now on SANGREE is away SANGREE is well known in the vicinity SANGREE is a subdivision SANGREE is a throwback SANGREE is plotting SANGREE is rife […]

Abraham Cruzvillegas

Abraham Cruzvillegas Work from his oeuvre. “Abraham Cruzvillegas was born in Mexico City in 1968, where he lives and works. Cruzvillegas’ practice deals with history and the construction of the self in reference to economic, social, political, and historical conditions. Employing various means to create open-ended strategies of production and reception, Cruzvillegas gives objects a new life and context, generating […]

Theo Michael

Theo Michael Work from Scholars in Space (and Smoke from the edge of the Known). “Michael works with the idea of time like a builder and destroyer of space: while in the present we erect thoughtful monuments for posterity, the future condemns them to destruction and the void. His work, seemingly playful, uses pieces of […]