Yogi Proctor

Yogi Proctor

Work from Twenty Eight Portraits.

“Twenty Eight Portraits engages the materiality of a set of public-domain press photographs to intentionally expose the gamut of everyday photographic functionality.

Twenty Eight Portraits uses individual photographs of the entire presidential cabinet, which have been ripped roughly in half. The rip both figuratively and literally removes the focus of identity from each portrait. Where certain individual portraits were not available, previously discarded 35mm film leaders served to complete the set. When hung on the gallery wall, the rip connects across each 16″ x 20″ frame, forming a horizon line that unites the twenty-eight pieces into a single work.

In creating interrelation between abstract and political potential,¬†Twenty Eight Portraits exposes the photographic picture as both mere paper object and essential component in the metaphysical space of everyday image relations.” – Yogi Proctor

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