Daniel Barthmann

Daniel Barthmann

Work from Vier Stundenkiloemter.

“‘Vier Stundenkiloemter’ accords to the average speed of walking. The pictures are collected underway on a 800km hiking path from the French/Spanish border until Cap of Finisterre (= the supposed end of the world in the middle-ages) in the very west of Spain.

The images that resulted in Vier Stundenkiloemter are selected recordings of unmediated, indifferent, non-directional looking while just continuous walking over a period of 6 weeks.”

“[The use of the highly saturated / grainy Kodachrome aesthetic] was an aesthetic choice in a way that the reference to slide-material triggers (subconciously or not) associations to 
travel photography and possibly never-ending slide-shows. But instead of delivering pictures as a documentary of a nice summer holiday it forces the viewer to incorporate his or her own ideas, thoughts and interpretations in the process of looking at these pictures. So the series is captured at a certain path connected to real places, but it’s not intended to show country and people or personal experiences from a nice trip.” – Daniel Barthmann

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