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Guro Olsdotter Gjøl

Guro Olsdotter Gjøl Work from Things to Forget. “the piece things to forget consisted of four site specific incursions based on objects placed in different spaces in the art hall. objects typically associated with public spaces were used as props to stage scenes based on existing interior details. the objects were placed as natural parts […]

Jørund Aase

Jørund Aase Work from his World and Garden. “I have been trying out different kinds of medias. I usually don´t work within one specific media but uses those which fit my ideas. It can be painting, sculpture, installation, photo, video, sound, etc. I think art has the potential to stimulate people to experience the world […]

Sarah Oppenheimer

Sarah Oppenheimer Work from various installations. I saw the Horizontal Roll installation in St. Louis about a year ago, it was a great piece that interacted extremely well with the environment. “Sarah Oppenheimer creates social experiments in her videos and architectural installations, exploring how individuals navigate constructed space. Folding is the primary exercise in Oppenheimer’s works […]

Patricia Neligan

Patricia Neligan Work from Vorübergehend. “The starting point of my photographic art is the observation of people in relation to space.Here is definitely meant the ambiguity of the term „space“, incorporating both that of theconceptual and the real reference space. I try in my photographic work to create tensionbetween reproduction and the originality of the pictures […]

Daniel Barthmann

Daniel Barthmann Work from Vier Stundenkiloemter. “‘Vier Stundenkiloemter’ accords to the average speed of walking. The pictures are collected underway on a 800km hiking path from the French/Spanish border until Cap of Finisterre (= the supposed end of the world in the middle-ages) in the very west of Spain. The images that resulted in Vier Stundenkiloemter […]