Cassander Schattenkerk

Cassander Schattenkerk

Work from The Andromeda Strain and Series #2.

Statement for The Andromeda Strain:

“After making many landscape photographs I realized the search for special places is more important than the place itself. The notion of discovery has always been intimately linked to photography. The cliché of the photographer as an explorer of unknown and rough places became a starting point to construct images.

I played with the “National Geographic”-language essentially without leaving my hometown. I searched for locations that, after small interventions, can fit in an imaginary travelogue. Using low-budget special effects and lighting I staged natural phenomena and imagery.

To this work made on location I added still-lives constructed in the studio. Referring to nature and scientific photography, the tabletop landscapes create confusion on the overall status of the series.

I often choose material that has a perishable or unpredictable quality, like foam or spaghetti. No Photoshop is used to achieve the effects. The artificial and the real, and the different sources the image is based on, should be present simultaneously.” – Cassander Schattenkerk

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